Land Rollers
Optimized Crop Yields
Mandako land rollers enhance soil-to-seed contact, crucial for cereals and pulses, leading to better germination and significant yield increases. This optimization is a testament to the rollers’ ability to prepare the perfect seedbed for precision planting.
Equipment Longevity
Smooth fields reduce wear and tear on farming equipment during seeding, spraying, and harvesting. This not only extends the life of machinery but also decreases the likelihood of costly repairs, especially from rock damage.
Enhanced Field Conditions
Beyond improving yields, these land rollers are pivotal in creating smoother fields, which benefit all phases of farm operation, from planting to harvest. Their effectiveness in flattening corn stalks and leveling rodent mounds also speeds up decomposition and enhances field conditions for future crops.
Versatility and Durability
With features like fillable drums for added weight, a range of size options including custom sizes, and durable construction, Mandako land rollers are versatile tools designed to meet the varied needs of modern farms, ensuring long-term reliability and performance.
Maximize field uniformity and soil-to-seed contact with the 3-Plex Landroller. Ideal for large-scale operations seeking efficiency and precision.
Designed for the most demanding terrains, the 5-Plex Landroller delivers unparalleled soil smoothing and residue management, enhancing crop growth conditions.
The Cover Crop Crimper offers an eco-friendly solution to terminate cover crops without chemicals, preparing your field for planting with minimal soil disturbance.
Experience enhanced maneuverability and ease of transport with the Inline Landroller, perfect for achieving a smooth field surface across diverse soil types.
Compact and versatile, the Mini Landroller is suited for smaller or irregular fields, ensuring even soil contact and improved germination rates.
The Single Landroller stands out for its simplicity and effectiveness, providing a straightforward solution to improve soil contact and reduce moisture loss.
Target tough residues with the Stubble Cruncher, designed to break down stubble and accelerate decomposition, readying your field for the next crop.
Specifically engineered for rice fields, this roller efficiently manages stubble, aiding in water management and preparing fields for planting.
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We understand that you may have important questions about our products and services. Here we've compiled answers to common queries. If you don't find the information you're looking for, feel free to ask us directly, and our dedicated team will be happy to assist you.
What are the main benefits of using a Mandako land roller?

Mandako land rollers significantly enhance seed-to-soil contact, crucial for achieving uniform germination and promoting optimal crop growth. They play a vital role in residue management and field leveling, which contributes to reduced disease and pest risks. Additionally, smoother field surfaces facilitate more efficient operations during both seeding and harvesting, leading to improved overall farm productivity.

Can Mandako land rollers be used on all types of crops?

Yes, Mandako land rollers are designed with versatility in mind, making them suitable for a wide range of crops, including soybeans, pulses, cereals, and more. Their ability to promote better soil structure and prepare the land efficiently makes them an invaluable asset for enhancing the planting and growing conditions across diverse agricultural settings.

How do I choose the right size and model of land roller for my farm?

Choosing the correct size and model of a Mandako land roller depends on several factors, such as the size of your fields and the specific crop types you cultivate. It's recommended to consult with a Mandako dealer who can offer tailored advice based on your unique farming needs, ensuring you select the land roller that best fits your operational requirements.

Are Mandako land rollers easy to maintain?

Mandako land rollers are engineered for both simplicity and durability, necessitating minimal maintenance to keep them operating at peak performance. Constructed with high-quality materials and designed for robustness, regular maintenance checks and following basic care guidelines will help maintain their condition and extend their service life.

How can I get a Mandako land roller?

Mandako land rollers are available through a comprehensive network of dealers worldwide. To locate your nearest dealer or for more information on purchasing, visit the Mandako website or contact their customer service directly. The Mandako team is dedicated to providing assistance and answering any queries you may have regarding their land rollers.