Our history
Our history

Mandako, a name synonymous with innovation and excellence in the agricultural machinery industry, is a proud family-owned company.

Founded by John Redekop, our beginnings were rooted in providing essential welding services and minor repairs for local farmers. This set the foundation for our growth into a leading name in agricultural equipment.

Under John’s visionary leadership, we expanded our offerings to include pioneering products such as agricultural land rollers and vertical tillage equipment.

Our commitment to quality and innovation, deeply rooted in understanding the farmers' needs, has enabled us to grow into a company with a significant facility and a dedicated team.

As a family business, the legacy of John Redekop continues through his relatives, who uphold the same values and dedication to the agricultural community.

Under the current leadership of General Manager Waldemar Berg, Mandako has achieved remarkable success. Waldemar’s tenure has been marked by a series of strategic decisions and innovations that have propelled the company to its current heights.

Through various market challenges and periods of uncertainty, Mandako has remained steadfast, adhering to our core principles of integrity and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

As we continue to evolve and grow, we remain excited about the future, committed to innovation, and dedicated to the agricultural community.

Mandako is more than just a company, it is a legacy of hard work, quality, and an enduring commitment to the agricultural industry, poised to innovate and serve for many more years to come.

1988: John Redekop founded Mandako in Plum Coulee as a small welding shop, embarking on a journey that would evolve into a leading agricultural equipment manufacturer.

Late 1980s - Early 1990s: Expansion into manufacturing practical machines and tools for the agricultural industry, focusing on quality and functionality.

1990s - Early 2000s: Introduction of key product lines including the Mandako Landroller, the Stubble Cruncher, and various tillage machines.

2000s: Consideration of new product additions with the aim of achieving global recognition in the agricultural equipment market.

Late 2000s - Early 2010s: Increased involvement of John Redekop’s family in the business, playing significant roles in the company's management and operations.

2018 (30th Anniversary): Reflection on Mandako's 30-year journey by founder John Redekop, emphasizing the challenges and successes encountered. The company employed between 50 and 60 people and continued to focus on product development innovations.

2018 - Present: General Manager Waldemar Berg, John Redekop's son-in-law, emphasized the importance of building quality equipment and focusing on customer service. The company shifted towards greater automation and innovation, with a commitment to incorporating employee feedback for product improvement.

Future Outlook: Mandako is determined to continue providing exceptional farm equipment to the global agricultural market, fostering business growth and contributing to the global food supply chain.