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How Does Biological Pest Control Work?
Biological pest control uses natural predators, parasitoids, pathogens, and herbivores to manage pest populations sustainably.
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What is Crop Rotation?
Crop rotation is an agricultural practice of alternating different crops in the same area across seasons to maintain soil health, manage pests, and optimize crop yields.
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What are Cover Crops?
Cover crops are plants grown to improve soil health, control erosion, manage nutrients, and suppress weeds, enhancing overall farm productivity.
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What is Controlled Traffic Farming (CTF)?
Controlled Traffic Farming (CTF) confines machinery movement to specific lanes, reducing soil compaction and improving crop yields and soil health.
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What is No-till Farming?
No-till farming involves planting crops directly into undisturbed soil, preserving soil structure and enhancing sustainability.
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What is a disc chisel?
A disc chisel is an agricultural tool combining discs and chisels for deep tillage, reducing soil compaction and improving soil health.
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What are deep-rooted crops?
Deep-rooted crops have extensive root systems that penetrate deep into the soil, improving soil structure, preventing erosion, and enhancing water infiltration.
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What are Organic Farming Systems?
Organic farming systems use sustainable practices to enhance soil health, biodiversity, and produce chemical-free food, supported by Mandako's efficient equipment.
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What is Reduced Tillage?
Reduced tillage minimizes soil disturbance, enhances soil health, reduces erosion, and cuts fuel and labor costs.
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What is Soil Structure?
Soil structure is the arrangement of soil particles and spaces, affecting water movement and root growth. Mandako equipment helps improve soil structure for better farming.
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What is soil erosion?
Soil erosion removes the topsoil layer through natural forces or human activities, impacting soil fertility and productivity. Mandako equipment helps prevent erosion by enhancing soil structure.
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What is Soil Health?
Soil health encompasses the biological, chemical, and physical properties of soil, essential for sustainable agriculture and productive farming.
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What are Sustainable Farming Practices?
Sustainable farming practices enhance productivity, protect the environment, and promote long-term agricultural viability.
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What is Soil Compaction?
Soil compaction reduces soil aeration and water infiltration, hindering crop growth. Learn its causes, prevention, and Mandako's solutions.
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What is vertical tillage?
Vertical tillage is a soil management practice that cuts and mixes soil vertically, reducing compaction, enhancing water infiltration, and improving seedbed preparation.
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