Mini Landroller

Elevate Your Farming Efficiency with the Mini Landroller

Designed for the modern farmer who values efficiency and versatility, the Mini Landroller is a compact yet powerful solution to your farming needs. This easily transportable landroller is perfect for small to medium-sized operations, offering the robust features of a standard landroller with the added convenience of mobility.

Why Choose the Mini Landroller?

The Mini Landroller is not just about meeting the basic needs of land preparation; it's about enhancing the efficiency and outcome of your farming operations. Its design addresses the core challenges of farmingβ€”preparing a perfect seedbed, reducing equipment wear, and increasing crop yields. Whether it's smoothing out alfalfa fields, crushing corn stalks for faster decomposition, or preparing rural airports, the Mini Landroller is your go-to equipment. With the convenience of easy transport and a range of features designed to support your farming operations, the Mini Landroller stands out as a smart investment for farmers looking to optimize their productivity and crop outcomes.

Β Key Technical Features:

  • Size Options: Available in widths of 6’, 8’, 10’, 12’, 15’, and 20’ to accommodate a range of field sizes and requirements.
  • Frame Tubing: Robust 8” x 4” x 3/8” construction ensures durability and long-term performance under rigorous conditions.
  • Hitch Tubing: Sturdy 6” x 4” x 3/8” design, facilitating easy attachment and ensuring stability during operation.
  • Drum Shaft & Bearing: Equipped with a 3” drum shaft and heavy-duty (HD) bearing for reliable and smooth rolling action.
  • Drum Size: Features a 42” diameter drum with a 0.625” (5/8”) wall thickness, ideal for effective soil compression and leveling.
  • Transportation Wheels: Comes with 10-Ply Tires (ST235/80R16E) specifically designed for safe and convenient road transport.
  • LED Lighting: Integrated LED lights for enhanced visibility and safety during transport, compliant with road safety standards.
  • Water Filling Capability: Ability to add water to the drum, allowing for adjustable weight to suit different soil conditions and compaction needs.
  • Wheel Shaft: Features a replaceable 2” wheel shaft with a 6-bolt hub, designed for durability and ease of maintenance.
  • Hydra-Grip Handles: User-friendly Hydra-Grip handles for efficient and comfortable control during operation and transport.
  • Mud Scrapers: Optional mud scraper kit available to keep the drum clean in wet conditions, ensuring consistent performance.
  • Dual Wheel Configuration: For enhanced stability and even distribution of weight, minimizing soil compaction and ensuring uniform rolling.
  • Standard Colors: Available in signature Mandako Green or Black, offering aesthetic choices to match your farm’s branding.
  • Safety and Convenience: Designed with operator safety and convenience in mind, featuring easy hookup and transport capabilities.

Enhanced Options:

  • Clevis Hitch Insert: For versatile towing options, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of vehicles.
  • Mechanical Acre Counter: A handy tool for tracking the area covered, aiding in efficient land management and planning.
  • HD Drum Options: Available upgrades to a 42” x 3/4" HD drum or a 36” x 1/2" roller drum for specific soil conditions and tasks.
  • Hyd Hose Holder: Keeps hydraulic hoses organized and protected during operation, enhancing the longevity of the equipment.
Advantages of the model
Optimal Field Preparation
The Mini Landroller's compact design makes it perfect for small to medium-sized farms, offering the agility to navigate and prepare fields with precision. Its ability to smoothly level the ground and improve soil-to-seed contact directly impacts crop uniformity and yield.
Enhanced Soil Health
Featuring a 42” drum with a 0.625” wall thickness, the Mini Landroller effectively compacts the soil, enhancing the environment for seed germination. This compaction fosters a healthier soil ecosystem, vital for sustainable farming practices.
Ease of Transportation
With 10-Ply Tires and LED lighting, the Mini Landroller is easy to transport between fields or to storage, ensuring it's not just functional but also convenient for farmers managing multiple plots or working in varied locations.
Durable and Low Maintenance
Built to last, the Mini Landroller features a sturdy frame and heavy-duty bearings, requiring minimal maintenance. This durability means less downtime and more time focused on farming, enhancing overall operational efficiency.
Transport Length15’-11”15’-11”15’-11”15’-11”15’-11”15’-11”
Overall Width7’-2”9’-2”11’-1”13’-1”16’-1”21’-1”
Working Width6'-1"8'-1"10'-1"12'-1"15'-1"20'-1"
Hyd.Req. (@2800PSI)5 GMP (19 LPM)5 GMP (19 LPM)5 GMP (19 LPM)5 GMP (19 LPM)5 GMP (19 LPM)5 GMP (19 LPM)
Hyd.Req. (Ports)111111
Horsepower Req.24+32+40+48+60+80+
Approx. Weight (lbs/ft) 42" Γ— 3/4"W Drum725640585550515480
Drum Size36"Γ— 1/2" | 42"Γ— 5/8" | 42" Γ— 3/4"36"Γ— 1/2" | 42"Γ— 5/8" | 42" Γ— 3/4"36"Γ— 1/2" | 42"Γ— 5/8" | 42" Γ— 3/4"36"Γ— 1/2" | 42"Γ— 5/8" | 42" Γ— 3/4"36"Γ— 1/2" | 42"Γ— 5/8" | 42" Γ— 3/4"36"Γ— 1/2" | 42"Γ— 5/8" | 42" Γ— 3/4"
Tire SizeST235/80R16E 10 PlyST235/80R16E 10 PlyST235/80R16E 10 PlyST235/80R16E 10 PlyST235/80R16E 10 PlyST235/80R16E 10 Ply
Have a question?
We understand that you may have important questions about our products and services. Here we've compiled answers to common queries. If you don't find the information you're looking for, feel free to ask us directly, and our dedicated team will be happy to assist you.
What makes the Mini Landroller an ideal choice for small to medium-sized farms?

The Mini Landroller is specifically designed with small to medium-sized farms in mind, offering a range of widths from 6’ to 20’ to suit various field sizes and farming needs. Its compact design, combined with the ability to be easily towed, makes it a highly versatile and efficient tool for improving soil-to-seed contact, leveling the field, and ultimately enhancing crop yields. The convenience of transportation with 10-Ply Tires and LED lights adds to its appeal, allowing for easy movement between fields or storage locations.

How does the Mini Landroller enhance soil-to-seed contact?

The Mini Landroller enhances soil-to-seed contact through its 42” diameter drum with a 0.625” wall thickness, effectively compressing the soil to create a smoother, more uniform seedbed. This compaction improves the soil's contact with the seeds, promoting quicker and more consistent germination. Additionally, the option to add water to the drum for increased weight allows for customizable soil compression based on specific field conditions, further optimizing seedbed preparation.

Can the Mini Landroller be used on any type of soil?

Yes, the Mini Landroller is designed to be versatile and effective across various soil types. Its robust construction and adjustable weight capability, through water filling, make it suitable for different soil conditions, from light sandy soils to heavier clay types. The drum's size and the optional dual wheel configuration ensure uniform compression and minimal soil disturbance, making it a valuable tool for many farming operations.

What additional features does the Mini Landroller offer for ease of use and maintenance?

The Mini Landroller is equipped with several features to enhance ease of use and maintenance, including Hydra-Grip Handles for comfortable operation, a replaceable 2” wheel shaft with a 6-bolt hub for durability, and optional mud scrapers to keep the drum clean in wet conditions. It also features an organized Hyd Hose Holder for hydraulic hoses, reducing wear and tear and extending the equipment's lifespan.

How does the Mini Landroller contribute to increased crop yields?

Studies have shown that rolling fields, especially for crops like soybeans in the V1/V2 stage, can increase yields by approximately 3 bushels per acre. The Mini Landroller contributes to increased crop yields by creating a more even and compact seedbed, reducing the risk of rock damage to equipment, and enhancing the overall stand and strength of plants. Its ability to crush crop residue and level the field post-harvest also aids in faster decomposition and soil health, setting the stage for higher yields in subsequent planting seasons.

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