5-Plex Landroller

Introducing the Mandako 5-Plex Landroller: A Marvel in Agricultural Engineering. Designed to meet the demanding needs of contemporary farming, this land roller epitomizes innovation and strength. It's the essential tool for farmers pursuing utmost efficiency in field preparation, boasting expansive coverage capabilities through its impressive width options. Constructed for heavy-duty performance without the hassle of maintenance, it seamlessly adapts to varying terrains, ensuring thorough and uniform soil compaction for superior seed-to-soil contact. Perfect for a wide range of crops, it also prepares an ideal seedbed for haying, grasses, and silage, laying the groundwork for a prosperous harvest.

Maximizing Yields with Precision

The 5-Plex Landroller is not just about reducing downtime and fuel costs; it's a pivotal tool in enhancing crop yields by ensuring level land and minimizing moisture loss. Its construction is designed for the long haul, featuring a rigid frame of structural tubing and oversized components for enduring durability. Equipped with heavy-duty bearings that require no maintenance, this land roller stands as a testament to Mandako's commitment to quality and durability.

A Testament to Detail and Flexibility

Detail-oriented design with superior hydraulic cylinders ensures smooth operation under the toughest conditions. The unique β€œfloating hitch” system adapts seamlessly to varied terrains, providing flexibility and ease of use. Designed for smooth transport and easy transition from working to transport width, the 5-Plex Landroller exemplifies Mandako's dedication to creating user-friendly, safe, and efficient agricultural tools.

Available Sizes for Comprehensive Coverage:

  • Choose from a broad range of sizes: 62’, 65’, 70’, 75’, 80’, & 85’ for extensive field coverage.

Standard Features for Superior Efficiency:

  • Dual Hydraulic Rear Wheel Steer: Enhances maneuverability and control across varied terrains.
  • Hydraulic Floating Hitch: Ensures consistent soil compaction and adapts seamlessly to land contours.
  • Robust Drum Design: 42”x0.625” drums for effective soil smoothing and compaction.
  • Heavy-Duty Drum Shaft and Bearing: 3” shaft with 3” HD bearing for durability and smooth operation.
  • Sturdy Frame Tubing: 8”x4”x3/8” provides a strong foundation for the land roller.
  • Ductile Cast Knuckles: Offers flexibility and strength in critical connection points.
  • Color-Coded Hydraulic Handles: Simplify the hookup process for efficient setup.
  • Reinforced Corners: Extra protection in high-stress areas for extended equipment life.
  • LED Light Kits: Enhance visibility for safe operation in low-light conditions.
  • Strong Knuckle Pins: 1-1/2” pins for secure attachment and reliable performance.
  • High-Quality Tires: 235/80/R16 10-Ply Highway Tire for stable and smooth transport.
  • Category 3 Pintle Hitch: For robust towing capability.
  • Hydraulic Wing Lock: Secures the roller wings during transport for safety.
  • Drum Overlap: 2”-3” for uniform soil compaction without gaps.
  • Color Options: Available in Mandako Green or Black to match your fleet.

Optional Upgrades for Enhanced Functionality:

  • Mechanical Acre Counter: Track your progress with ease.
  • Mud Scraper Kit: Keeps drums clean for consistent performance.
Advantages of the model
Wide Range of Width Options
The Mandako 5-Plex Landroller is designed to offer unparalleled field coverage, with sizes ranging from 62’ to 85’, ensuring efficient and comprehensive soil compaction across large-scale operations. Its ability to cover extensive areas in a single pass reduces operational time and enhances field readiness for planting.
Optimal Seed-to-Soil Contact
Featuring a robust drum design of 42”x0.625”, the 5-Plex Landroller delivers superior soil compaction, promoting exceptional seed-to-soil contact. This crucial for uniform germination and increased crop yields, laying the foundation for a prosperous harvest across a variety of crops.
Heavy-Duty Construction
Constructed with a sturdy frame of 8”x4”x3/8” tubing and equipped with heavy-duty bearings that require no maintenance, the 5-Plex Landroller stands as a testament to Mandako's commitment to quality and durability. This ensures long-term performance and reliability under the toughest farming conditions.
Innovative Design for Ease of Use
The 5-Plex Landroller showcases Mandako's dedication to creating user-friendly agricultural tools. Features like the hydraulic floating hitch for seamless adaptability to terrain, dual hydraulic rear wheel steer for improved maneuverability, and color-coded hydraulic handles for straightforward operation make this model a prime choice for farmers prioritizing efficiency and safety.
Transport length54’-2”55’-6”58’60’-6”63’65’-6”
Transport Width15’-6”15’-6”15’-6”15’-6”15’-6”15’-6”
Overall Width65’-6”68’-6”73’-6”78’-6”83’-6”88’-6”
Working Width62’65’70’75’80’85’
Overall Height5’-10”5’-10”5’-10”5’-10”5’-10”5’-10”
Hyd.Req. (@2800PSI)5 GMP (19 LPM)5 GMP (19 LPM)5 GMP (19 LPM)5 GMP (19 LPM)5 GMP (19 LPM)5 GMP (19 LPM)
Hyd.Req. (Ports)444444
Horsepower Req.310+325+350+375+400+425+
Approx. Weight (lbs/ft)556545530517490487
Drum Size42” Γ— 5/8”42” Γ— 5/8”42” Γ— 5/8”42” Γ— 5/8”42” Γ— 5/8”42” Γ— 5/8”
Tire SizeST235/80R16E 10 PlyST235/80R16E 10 PlyST235/80R16E 10 PlyST235/80R16E 10 PlyST235/80R16E 10 PlyST235/80R16E 10 Ply
Have a question?
We understand that you may have important questions about our products and services. Here we've compiled answers to common queries. If you don't find the information you're looking for, feel free to ask us directly, and our dedicated team will be happy to assist you.
What width options are available for the 5-Plex Landroller?

The 5-Plex Landroller offers a range of widths from 62 to 85 feet to accommodate large-scale operations efficiently. This versatility ensures you can select the perfect size for your specific land and crop requirements, enhancing your field's preparation with precision and ease. Custom sizes are also available, allowing for a tailored approach to meet your farm's unique needs, demonstrating Mandako's commitment to providing flexible, customer-focused solutions.

Can the 5-Plex Landroller be used on uneven terrain?

Absolutely. The 5-Plex Landroller is engineered with a hydraulic floating hitch and dual hydraulic rear wheel steer system, designed specifically to navigate and adapt to uneven terrain effectively. This ensures consistent soil compaction and smooth field finish across all types of landscapes, making it an ideal choice for farmers who demand both adaptability and efficiency in their land preparation equipment.

Does the 5-Plex Landroller require special maintenance?

Designed with durability in mind, the 5-Plex Landroller requires minimal maintenance, allowing you to focus more on farming and less on equipment upkeep. Its heavy-duty construction and high-quality components are built to last, ensuring long-term reliability and performance under the demanding conditions of modern agriculture. This low-maintenance design underscores Mandako's dedication to providing high-performance, hassle-free solutions to the agricultural community.

How does the 5-Plex Landroller impact yield?

By ensuring optimal seed-to-soil contact and creating a uniform seedbed, the 5-Plex Landroller is instrumental in enhancing germination rates and overall crop yield. Farmers have reported increases of 1-4 bushels per acre on fields prepared with the 5-Plex Landroller, a testament to its effectiveness in improving agricultural productivity. This performance boost is a direct result of Mandako's innovative design, which aims to maximize efficiency and yield in every aspect of field preparation.

What innovative features does the 5-Plex Landroller include to enhance its usability and effectiveness?

The 5-Plex Landroller is packed with innovative features such as color-coded hydraulic handles for easy operation, LED light kits for enhanced safety, and a robust frame construction for unmatched durability. These features not only make the land roller more user-friendly but also significantly increase its effectiveness in the field, showcasing Mandako's commitment to integrating cutting-edge technology and user-centric design into its agricultural solutions.

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