3-Plex Landroller

The Mandako 3-Plex Land Roller is not just a rock roller; it's a revolutionary field roller designed to enhance field readiness, ensuring your soil is perfectly prepped for planting. This land roller stands out for its heavy-duty construction, capable of enduring the toughest farming conditions without compromise. Its meticulously engineered design promotes superior seed-to-soil contact, crucial for uniform germination and increased crop yields.

Ideal for large-scale agricultural operations, the 3-Plex model simplifies fieldwork by efficiently smoothing out surfaces, embedding rocks into the ground, and breaking down stubborn residues. This process not only facilitates a smoother harvest but also significantly contributes to the health and productivity of your soil, making it an indispensable asset for farmers aiming for high-efficiency farming and optimal yields.

Mandako's commitment to innovation and quality is evident in every aspect of the 3-Plex Landroller, from its robust frame and oversized components to its user-friendly operation. By choosing Mandako, you're opting for a solution that brings unparalleled precision and productivity to your farming operations, ensuring every season is more fruitful than the last.

 Standard Features for Optimal Performance:

  • Heavy-Duty Frame: 8” x 4” x 3/8” tubing ensures durability and strength.
  • Visibility Enhanced: LED Light Kits for safety in low-light conditions.
  • Superior Construction: Ductile Cast Knuckles for enhanced flexibility and resilience.
  • Efficient Soil Compaction: 42” x 0.625” drums designed for uniform soil pressure.
  • High-Performance Drum Shaft: 3” shaft with 3” HD bearing for smooth operation.
  • Reinforced Design: Gusseted corners for additional strength where it matters most.
  • Adaptive Attachment: Hydraulic Floating Hitch for easy adaptability to terrain.
  • Precision Steering: Dual Hydraulic Rear Wheel Steer for maneuverability.
  • Reliable Traction: 235/80/R16 10-Ply Highway Tire for stable movement.
  • Secure Connection: 2” Knuckle Pins for robust hitching.
  • Transport Efficiency: Narrow Transport Width for hassle-free movement.
  • User-Friendly Setup: Colour Coded Hydraulic Handles for straightforward operation.
  • Secure Towing: Category 3 Pintle Hitch for reliable towing.
  • Weight Customization: Fillable Drums to adjust weight for various soil conditions.
  • Custom Colors: Available in Mandako Green or Black to match your style.

Optional Upgrades for Enhanced Utility:

  • Improved Traction: 280/70/R15 Implement Tire for better ground contact.
  • Versatile Hitching: Clevis Hitch Insert for flexible towing options.
  • Field Productivity: Mechanical Acre Meter for tracking progress.
  • Maintenance Ease: Mud Scraper Kit to keep drums clean.

Available Sizes for Every Need: 30’, 34’, 40’, 42’, 45’, 50’, & 60’

Advantages of the model
Adaptive Terrain Technology
Embrace the power of Mandako's Adaptive Terrain Technology, designed to ensure seamless operation over diverse field conditions. This advanced system allows the 3-Plex Landroller to adjust to uneven surfaces, ensuring consistent soil compaction and optimal seedbed preparation.
Sustainable Farming Enhancements
Mandako is committed to enhancing sustainability in agriculture. The 3-Plex Landroller contributes to this by promoting better water retention, reducing erosion, and facilitating the breakdown of organic matter, leading to healthier soil and reduced need for chemical inputs.
Precision Engineering for Maximum Coverage
Benefit from precision engineering with the Mandako 3-Plex Landroller, which offers maximum field coverage and efficiency. Its design minimizes overlaps and gaps, ensuring every inch of your field is perfectly prepared for planting.
Robust Build for Lifetime Use
Constructed with the highest quality materials and attention to detail, the 3-Plex Landroller is built to last a lifetime. Its robust frame and components are designed to withstand the rigors of heavy use, offering unparalleled reliability and reducing the total cost of ownership.
Unit size30’34’40’42’45’50’
Transport length33’-1”35’-1”38’-1”39’-1”40’-7”43’-1”
Transport Width11’-7”11’-7”11’-7”11’-7”11’-7”11’-7”
Overall Width33’-6”37’-6”43’-6”45’-6”48’-6”53’-6”
Working Width30’34’40’42’45’50’
Overall Height6’6’6’6’6’6’
Hyd.Req. (@2800PSI)5 GMP (19 LPM)5 GMP (19 LPM)5 GMP (19 LPM)5 GMP (19 LPM)5 GMP (19 LPM)5 GMP (19 LPM)
Hyd.Req. (Ports)333333
Horsepower Req.120+136+160+168+180+200+
Approx. Weight (lbs/ft) 42”× 5/8” Drum530507495488469465
Drum Size36” × 1/2” W | 42”× 5/8” W | 42”× 3/4” W36” × 1/2” W | 42”× 5/8” W | 42”× 3/4” W36” × 1/2” W | 42”× 5/8” W | 42”× 3/4” W36” × 1/2” W | 42”× 5/8” W | 42”× 3/4” W36” × 1/2” W | 42”× 5/8” W | 42”× 3/4” W36” × 1/2” W | 42”× 5/8” W | 42”× 3/4” W
Tire SizeST235/80R16E 10 PlyST235/80R16E 10 PlyST235/80R16E 10 PlyST235/80R16E 10 PlyST235/80R16E 10 PlyST235/80R16E 10 Ply
360° overview
Have a question?
We understand that you may have important questions about our products and services. Here we've compiled answers to common queries. If you don't find the information you're looking for, feel free to ask us directly, and our dedicated team will be happy to assist you.
What makes the 3-Plex Landroller by Mandako different from other land rollers on the market?

The 3-Plex Landroller stands out due to its Adaptive Terrain Technology, ensuring even soil compaction over uneven fields, and its robust construction for longevity, providing unparalleled reliability and efficiency in field preparation.

Can the 3-Plex Landroller be used on any type of soil?

Absolutely, its versatile design allows it to adapt to various soil types, from light sandy soils to heavy clay, ensuring optimal seed-to-soil contact across all farming conditions.

How does the 3-Plex Landroller contribute to sustainable farming practices?

By improving water retention, reducing erosion, and enhancing the breakdown of organic matter, the 3-Plex Landroller promotes healthier soil conditions and reduces the need for chemical inputs, aligning with sustainable agriculture goals.

What are the maintenance requirements for the 3-Plex Landroller?

Designed for ease of maintenance, the 3-Plex Landroller requires minimal upkeep. Regular inspections and basic care, such as lubricating moving parts, are sufficient to maintain optimal performance.

How can I purchase a 3-Plex Landroller?

You can purchase through Mandako's extensive dealer network. Visit our website or contact us for assistance in locating a dealer near you and exploring financing options.

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I’m jas rb driver off loading here good service and friendly
Sergey Stadnik
Sergey Stadnik
The best company in its segment!
We purchased a new land roller and discovered that one drum was defective. The service guys came out promptly to inspect it and a couple days later replaced it. Excellent company to deal with. Excellent product. Excellent service. They make it right.
Curtis Sutter
Curtis Sutter
We've had their landroller for quite some time. Very heavy and well built. One might think that something as simple as a landroller would have little difference between manufactures, but it would seem those people have never tried a Mandako roller. They also stand behind their products 110% and are very easy to talk to and deal with.
Chad Ellis
Chad Ellis
You wouldn’t be disappointed with this company. I often delivered raw steel to them. And witness how they built their products. Staffs are awesome btw !!! 😃
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