Inline Landroller

The Evolution of Farming Efficiency

In the dynamic world of agriculture, where efficiency and yield reign supreme, we are excited to present the Mandako Inline Landroller. This pioneering equipment has evolved from its original purpose as a rock roller into an essential tool for contemporary farming operations across the globe. Originally designed for rock management, it has grown into a multifunctional implement, enhancing various phases of the agricultural process.

Enhancing Agricultural Cycles

The Mandako Inline Landroller excels in not only flattening the field surface by pressing down rocks and debris but also in creating the perfect conditions for planting, spraying, harvesting, and managing fields after harvest. It plays a pivotal role in achieving a uniform seedbed, vital for today's high-precision planters and air seeders, ensuring consistent depth control and enhancing soil-to-seed contact for crops such as cereals and pulses.

Simplicity and Versatility in Design

Boasting a straightforward design coupled with a hydraulic hitch, the Mandako Inline Landroller seamlessly switches between working in the field and being transported. It offers operational ease with working widths of up to 20 feet and simplifies transportation with a road width of under 8 feet. Suitable for no-till, minimum-till, and conventional till practices, this landroller adapts to various soil types and supports a broad array of crops, including pulses, canola, grain, corn, and forages.

Discover the Advantages of the Mandako Inline Landroller

Our Mandako Inline Landroller is engineered with a host of features designed to enhance efficiency, safety, and durability on your farm.

  • 3” HD Drum Shaft/Bearing: Engineered for durability and smooth operation, our heavy-duty drum shaft and bearings are built to withstand the rigors of farm work, ensuring longevity and reliability.
  • LED Light Kit (ASABE Compliant): Enhance your working visibility and safety with our ASABE-compliant LED light kit, designed to provide clear lighting in low-visibility conditions, ensuring you can work safely at any time of day.
  • Fillable Drums: Our landroller's drums can be filled to increase weight, allowing for more effective soil compaction and smoother fields, which is essential for optimal planting and growth conditions.
  • Steel Reinforced Corners: With corners reinforced with steel, our landroller promises increased durability and resistance to wear and tear, ensuring a long service life and reliability under tough conditions.
  • 42” Diameter x 0.625” Drum Wall: The large diameter and thick drum wall allow for better soil contact and more efficient rolling, resulting in smoother fields and improved crop conditions.
  • 8” x 4” x 3/8” Frame Tubing: The robust frame construction provides exceptional strength and durability, capable of enduring the toughest farming tasks without compromise.
  • Colour-Coded Hydraulic Handles: For ease of operation, our hydraulic handles are colour-coded, simplifying the process of adjusting and controlling the landroller, making it user-friendly and reducing the likelihood of errors.
  • Transport Safety Lock: Safety is paramount, which is why our landroller features a transport safety lock, ensuring the equipment is securely locked during transport for safe and worry-free movement between fields.
  • Under 8’ Transport Width: Designed for easy transport, our landroller has a transport width of less than 8 feet, making it legal to transport on most roads without requiring special permits.
Advantages of the model
Enhanced Soil Preparation
The Inline Landroller excels in preparing the soil for planting by ensuring superior soil-to-seed contact. Its design, featuring a 42” diameter x 0.625” drum wall, allows for efficient rolling and smoother fields, crucial for optimal seed germination and plant growth.
Versatility Across Practices
Engineered to support no-till, minimum-till, and conventional till practices, this landroller is versatile enough for most soil types. With its ability to adapt to a wide range of crops, including pulses and grains, it stands as a versatile tool for diverse agricultural needs.
Operational Safety and Convenience
Safety and convenience are at the forefront with features like a transport safety lock and an under 8’ transport width, ensuring the landroller is secure and easy to move between fields. This makes it not only effective in the field but also compliant for road transportation.
Durable Construction
With its robust frame tubing of 8” x 4” x 3/8” and steel-reinforced corners, the Inline Landroller is designed for durability. Its heavy-duty drum shaft/bearing ensures it can withstand the rigors of farm work, guaranteeing a long service life.
Transport Width7’-7”7’-7”7’-7”7’-7”
Transport Length15’-3”18’-3”22’-8”26’-2”
Overall Width11’-1”14’-1”16’-7”21’-1”
Overall Height5’-1”5’-1”5’-1”5’-1”
Working Width10'-1"13'-1"15'-7"20'-1"
Working Length15'15'18'-2"19'-4"
Hyd.Req. (@2800PSI)5 GMP (19 LPM)5 GMP (19 LPM)5 GMP (19 LPM)5 GMP (19 LPM)
Hyd.Req. (Ports)2222
Horsepower Req.60+60+70+80+
Approx. Weight (lbs/ft) 42" Γ— 5/8"W Drum675650600525
Drum Size36"Γ— 1/2" | 42"Γ— 5/8" | 42" Γ— 3/4"36"Γ— 1/2" | 42"Γ— 5/8" | 42" Γ— 3/4"36"Γ— 1/2" | 42"Γ— 5/8" | 42" Γ— 3/4"36"Γ— 1/2" | 42"Γ— 5/8" | 42" Γ— 3/4"
Tire SizeST235/85R16E 14 PlyST235/85R16E 14 PlyST235/85R16E 14 PlyST235/85R16E 14 Ply
360Β° overview
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Why is the Mandako Inline Landroller considered an essential tool for modern farming operations?

The Mandako Inline Landroller is an indispensable tool for modern farmers due to its capability to significantly improve the quality of planting areas. Equipped with a 3” HD drum shaft and bearings, it offers high strength and durability, ensuring smooth and reliable operation under various agricultural conditions. The ASABE-compliant LED light kit enhances visibility and safety during nighttime operations. The ability to fill the landroller’s drums allows for weight adjustment for more effective soil compaction, promoting better seed germination and plant development. Thus, the Mandako Inline Landroller becomes a key asset for farmers aiming to maximize the productivity and efficiency of their lands.

How does the Mandako Inline Landroller enhance seeding operations and crop yield?

The Mandako Inline Landroller significantly boosts seeding operations and potential crop yield by creating a uniform seedbed. Its large 42” diameter drums with a 0.625” wall ensure optimal soil-to-seed contact, crucial for cereals and pulses. This even seedbed allows for consistent depth control by high-precision planters and air seeders, leading to better germination rates and uniform crop emergence. Farmers have reported yield increases, especially in pulse crops, where pre-plant field rolling can result in a 1-4 bushel per acre yield increase. These improvements attest to the landroller’s ability to optimally prepare the field for planting, ultimately enhancing productivity and profitability.

Is the Mandako Inline Landroller easily integrated into various farming practices?

Absolutely. The Mandako Inline Landroller is versatile enough to be integrated into no-till, minimum-till, or conventional till farming practices. Its design accommodates a wide range of soil types and supports various crops including pulses, canola, grain, corn, and forages. The ease of use is further enhanced by colour-coded hydraulic handles for straightforward operation and a hydraulic hitch that simplifies transitioning between field and transport modes. This adaptability makes it an invaluable tool for farmers looking to improve soil and crop management regardless of their farming practice.

What features enhance the safety and convenience of transporting the Mandako Inline Landroller?

The Mandako Inline Landroller is designed with safety and convenience at its core, especially regarding transport. It features a transport safety lock to securely lock the equipment during transit, reducing the risk of accidents. Moreover, its compact design ensures a transport width of under 8 feet, allowing for easy and legal transportation on most roads without the need for special permits. This focus on safety and convenience underscores our commitment to providing farmers with a landroller that is not only effective in the field but also easy and safe to move between locations.

What advantages does the Mandako Inline Landroller offer for post-harvest residue management and field preparation for the next season?

The Mandako Inline Landroller offers significant advantages for managing post-harvest residues and preparing the field for the next planting season. Its use on corn stalks after harvest helps residues decompose more quickly by crushing them, improving soil structure and facilitating a more efficient nutrient cycle. Additionally, rolling fields in the spring helps level mounds created by rodents and push down rocks, providing a smooth surface for planting and minimizing the risk of damage to agricultural machinery. Thus, the Mandako Inline Landroller plays a key role in maintaining soil health and productivity, offering farmers a powerful tool for improving cultivation conditions and increasing overall yield.

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