Experience Unmatched Cultivation with Mandako Chisel Flex

Introducing the Mandako Chisel Flex, a groundbreaking cultivator engineered for farmers who demand excellence and durability in their fieldwork. Embodying the essence of robust construction and advanced technology, the Chisel Flex is designed to keep parallel to the ground, ensuring unparalleled performance across every inch of your field.

Engineered for Flexibility and Precision

The Chisel Flex stands out with its innovative design, incorporating multiple flex points and a floating hitch. This unique combination guarantees total adaptability to the contours of your land, working seamlessly in various ground conditions. By reducing stress on the frame and maintaining a consistent depth of your choosing, the Chisel Flex ensures your cultivation is not just thorough, but precise.

Toughness Where It Matters

For the most challenging tasks, the Chisel Flex is your reliable partner. Equipped with HD 2” Tines set at 12” spacing, it covers every part of your field without compromise. The cultivator's frame is built to last, featuring 800 Trip LBS and robust 4” x 4” x 1/4" tubing, reinforced with 3/8” steel in strategic locations. With the Chisel Flex, you're investing in a tool that's as tough as the jobs it tackles.

Customizable to Your Farming Needs

Understanding that every farm has unique needs, the Mandako Chisel Flex comes with adjustable spring down pressure, allowing you to achieve the perfect finish. Whether battling tough field conditions or managing weeds, the shanks of the Chisel Flex are designed to stay firmly in the ground, creating flat seedbeds for consistent seed depth and smoother planter operation.

Features Designed for Efficiency and Ease

  • Super Flex Frame: Adapts effortlessly to land contours.
  • Heavy-Duty Shank and Harrow Options: Comes with 3-Row HD Tine Harrow, with a 4-Row option available.
  • Minimum Maintenance Grease Points: For hassle-free upkeep.
  • Mechanical Depth Control: For precise cultivation depth.
  • Safe and Smooth Transport: Brakes on casters ensure safety on the road.

Available Sizes for Every Farm

With sizes ranging from 38’ to 65’, the Chisel Flex is perfect for farms of any size. Whether you’re working on a small family farm or a large agricultural operation, there’s a Chisel Flex that’s right for you.

Choose Mandako Chisel Flex for Longevity and Durability

Opt for the Mandako Chisel Flex and elevate your farming efficiency. Its superior design, customizable features, and robust construction make it the ultimate tool for farmers aiming for optimal soil preparation and crop yield. With the Chisel Flex, you're not just buying a cultivator; you're investing in the future of your farming operation.

Durability and Maintenance:

  • Minimum Maintenance Grease Points: Ensures longevity with less upkeep.
  • Super Flex Frame: Offers superior flexibility, adapting to land contours.
  • Frame Tubing Size: 4" x 4" x 1/4" & 3/8", providing a sturdy foundation for heavy-duty use.

Performance and Adaptability:

  • 800+ lbs. Trips & Floating Hitch: Enhances ground following and consistent depth across various terrains.
  • Mechanical Depth Control & Spring Down Pressure: Allows for precise soil engagement and customizable harrow pressure for the perfect finish.

Customization and Options:

  • Hub Size: Choice between 6-Bolt (H618) or 8-Bolt for varied needs.
  • Pintle Cat 3 Hitch & Cat 4 (optional): Ensures compatibility with a wide range of tractors.
  • 3-Row and 4-Row HD Tine Harrow (optional): Offers flexibility in soil finishing based on field requirements.

Ease of Use:

  • Replaceable conex bushings on shank & 2” HD Shanks with 12” Shank Spacing: Guarantees effective soil penetration and ease of part replacement.
  • Brakes on Casters & 12.5 L Floatation Tire: Provides safe and smooth transport on and off the field.

Available Sizes: 38’ | 40’ | 46’ | 50’ | 55’ | 65’

Advantages of the model
Enhanced Soil Adaptability
The Chisel Flex features a Super Flex Frame and Floating Hitch, ensuring it remains parallel to the ground, adapting to various land contours for uniform cultivation depth.
Robust and Low Maintenance
Constructed with 4" x 4" x 1/4" & 3/8" frame tubing and minimal maintenance grease points, it combines durability with ease of upkeep, making it ideal for rigorous farming activities.
Precision and Control
Offers Mechanical Depth Control and Spring Down Pressure on harrows, allowing for precise soil engagement and customizable finishing, tailored to specific crop needs.
Versatility and Efficiency
Available in sizes ranging from 38’ to 65’ and equipped with replaceable conex bushings on shank and 2” HD Shanks with 12” spacing, it's designed to maximize field coverage and enhance crop yield potential efficiently.
Chisel Flex Specifications
Unit size38’40’46’50’55’65’
Frame Sections335555
Transport Length (w/o harrows)24'-8"24'-8"24'-8"24'-8"24'-8"24'-8"
Transport Width (w/o harrows)19’-5”19’-5”19’-5”19’-5”19’-5”19’-5”
Transport Height (w/o harrows)16’16’16β€˜ 3β€™β€˜16’16’16’
Working Width (w/o harrows)38’40’46'50'55'65'
Flex Pivots7711111111
Depth Capabilities1” - 6”1” - 6”1” - 6”1” - 6”1” - 6”1” - 6”
Chisel Spacing12”12”12”12”12”12”
# of Chisels384046505565
Tine Spacing (3-Row)4”4”4”4”4”4”
Tine Spacing (4-Row)3”3”3”3”3”3”
Hyd. Red. (@1800PSI)10 GPM (38LPM)10 GPM (38LPM)10 GPM (38LPM)10 GPM (38LPM)10 GPM (38LPM)10 GPM (38LPM)
Hyd. Red. (Ports)222222
Shank Trip (lbs)800800800800800800
Horsepower Sugg. (per foot)8-108-109-119-119-119-11
Wheel Hub6-Bolt6-Bolt6-Bolt/8-Bolt6-Bolt/8-Bolt6-Bolt/8-Bolt6-Bolt/8-Bolt
Tire Size320/70R15 12.5L320/70R15 12.5L320/70R15 12.5L320/70R15 12.5L320/70R15 12.5L320/70R15 12.5L
Shank Angle50Β°50Β°50Β°50Β°50Β°50Β°
Hitch Length13’ 8’’13’ 8’’13’ 10’’13’ 10’’13’ 10’’13’ 10’’
Unit Weight (w/3-Row Tine)*16,365 lbs16,565 lbs21,570 lbs22,270 lbs23,490 lbs26,150 lbs
Unit Weight (w/4-Row Tine)*16,725 lbs16,925 lbs22,020 lbs22,720 lbs24,000 lbs26,740 lbs
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What makes the Mandako Chisel Flex different from other cultivators on the market?

The Mandako Chisel Flex is uniquely designed with a super flex frame and a floating hitch, allowing it to maintain a consistent depth and adapt seamlessly to the contours of your land. Its HD 2” Tines with 12” spacing ensure comprehensive field coverage, and the adjustable spring down pressure allows for customization to your specific farming needs. This combination of features ensures precision, flexibility, and durability, setting the Chisel Flex apart from other cultivators.

How does the Chisel Flex handle varying ground conditions?

The Chisel Flex is engineered for adaptability and precision. Its innovative design includes multiple flex points along with a floating hitch that ensures the unit remains parallel to the ground, adapting to various ground conditions with ease. This means that no matter the terrainβ€”be it hilly, flat, or unevenβ€”the Chisel Flex maintains a consistent depth for optimal soil cultivation, reducing stress on the frame and ensuring durability and efficiency in your fieldwork.

Can the Chisel Flex improve my seeding and planting operations?

Absolutely. The Chisel Flex is designed not only for effective soil cultivation but also to enhance your seeding and planting operations. Its shanks are engineered to stay firmly in the ground, creating flat seedbeds that are crucial for uniform seed depth. This leads to smoother planter operation and can significantly improve your crop yield by ensuring that seeds are planted at an optimal depth across your entire field.

What are the maintenance requirements for the Chisel Flex?

The Mandako Chisel Flex is designed with ease of use and minimal maintenance in mind. It features minimal maintenance grease points, significantly reducing the time and effort required for upkeep. This focus on durability and ease of maintenance ensures that the Chisel Flex remains a reliable tool in your farming operations, minimizing downtime and keeping your farm running smoothly.

How can I determine the right size of Chisel Flex for my farm?

The Chisel Flex is available in sizes ranging from 38’ to 65’, catering to a wide range of farm sizes and operational scales. To determine the right size for your farm, consider the size of your fields, the capacity of your machinery, and your overall cultivation needs. The versatility in sizing ensures that whether you operate a small family farm or a large agricultural enterprise, there’s a Chisel Flex model to meet your specific requirements, optimizing your fieldwork efficiency and productivity.

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7-Flex points allow the tool to remain in constant contact with the ground, yet the design allows for effective trash clearance.
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