Unleash the Power of Precision with REDDI-PANDA

Introducing the REDDI PANDA, formerly known as the Skid Steer Roller – your versatile ally in construction and landscaping. Engineered for excellence, the REDDI PANDA transforms compact spaces and uneven terrain into masterpieces of smoothness and stability. Whether it's soil, asphalt, rocks, or gravel, its compact design and adjustable sizes, ranging from 4’ to 7’, ensure unparalleled maneuverability and efficiency.

Versatile, Compact, Powerful

Designed for the dynamic needs of modern construction and landscaping, the REDDI PANDA is not just a tool but a game-changer. With its ability to compact various materials, it prepares the foundation for structures, parking lots, and creates the perfect bed for new growth, ensuring a stable base for all your projects.

Efficiency in Every Turn

The REDDI PANDA's innovation lies in its precision and ease of use, making it ideal for tight spaces and challenging terrains. Its sizes cater to all needs, making no job too big or small. Enhanced by the option to add water for extra weight, it guarantees optimal soil compaction and aids in the germination of new seeds, setting new standards in landscaping excellence.

Elevate your construction and landscaping projects with the REDDI PANDA – where innovation meets precision.

Advantages of the model
Unmatched Versatility
Tailored for a range of applications from compacting soil and asphalt to smoothing out gravel, it's the ultimate tool for construction and landscaping projects.
Precision in Compact Spaces
Designed to navigate tight spaces and uneven terrains with ease, ensuring every inch of your project meets perfection.
Adjustable Weight for Enhanced Compaction
The ability to add water for extra weight aids significantly in soil compaction and new seed germination, delivering superior results.
Durability Meets Efficiency
The heavy-duty construction with options for larger tires and hubs ensures longevity and adaptability, even in the roughest conditions.
REDDI-PANDA Skid Street Roller Specifications
Frame Tubing4” x 3”4” x 3”4” x 3”4” x 3”4” x 3”
Approximate Weights865 lbs1088 lbs1175 lbs1312 lbs1461 lbs
Bearing ID2.5”2.5”2.5”2.5”2.5”
Drum Diameter24”24”24”24”24”
Working Width48”66”73”84”96”
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How does the REDDI PANDA's design benefit both construction and landscaping projects?

The REDDI PANDA is uniquely engineered to tackle a wide array of tasks across both construction and landscaping. Its compact design and maneuverability allow it to operate in restricted spaces typical of urban landscaping projects, while its robust construction ensures it can handle the heavy-duty requirements of construction sites. This dual capability means users can transition smoothly between different types of tasks, from compacting gravel for pathways to preparing foundations, without the need for multiple specialized machines.

How does the REDDI PANDA efficiently manage uneven terrain and tight spaces?

Thanks to its compact size and the precision engineering of its steering and control systems, the REDDI PANDA excels in navigating challenging terrains and confined areas where larger machinery might struggle. This agility ensures that every corner of a project site can be accessed and treated with the same level of compaction and smoothness, enhancing the quality of the final output and ensuring that no area is left untreated due to accessibility issues.

In what ways does the REDDI PANDA contribute to improved project timelines and efficiency?

The REDDI PANDA's design emphasizes rapid completion without sacrificing quality. Its ability to add extra weight for enhanced compaction means fewer passes are needed to achieve desired soil density levels, speeding up the preparation phase of construction and landscaping projects. Additionally, its ease of attachment and operation allows for quick setup and transition between tasks, further streamlining project workflows and reducing downtime.

With various sizes available, how do I select the most appropriate REDDI PANDA model for my needs?

Choosing the right model depends on the specifics of your projects, including the size of the area to be compacted and the types of materials you'll be working with. Smaller models offer greater maneuverability for projects with limited space or intricate designs, while larger models provide increased coverage and efficiency for expansive areas. Assessing the typical scope of your projects and the constraints of your working environments will guide you to the most suitable size option.

What maintenance considerations should be taken into account for the REDDI PANDA?

The REDDI PANDA is designed with ease of maintenance in mind. Key components like the hub/spindle assembly are built for quick replacement, minimizing potential downtime. Regular checks and maintenance routines should focus on inspecting the compaction drum for wear, ensuring all hydraulic systems are functioning correctly, and keeping the machine clean from debris. Following the recommended maintenance schedule will help extend the lifespan of the machine and ensure it operates at peak efficiency.

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I’m jas rb driver off loading here good service and friendly
Sergey Stadnik
Sergey Stadnik
The best company in its segment!
We purchased a new land roller and discovered that one drum was defective. The service guys came out promptly to inspect it and a couple days later replaced it. Excellent company to deal with. Excellent product. Excellent service. They make it right.
Curtis Sutter
Curtis Sutter
We've had their landroller for quite some time. Very heavy and well built. One might think that something as simple as a landroller would have little difference between manufactures, but it would seem those people have never tried a Mandako roller. They also stand behind their products 110% and are very easy to talk to and deal with.
Chad Ellis
Chad Ellis
You wouldn’t be disappointed with this company. I often delivered raw steel to them. And witness how they built their products. Staffs are awesome btw !!! 😃
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